What to expect when you land in Managua



Where you will stay on tour


Safety measures during the tour

What will you do on tour?



  • Safety is our #1 priority during travel with us. We have taken extra precautions to ensure your safety. Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in the central Americas. 

  • Military: If your are prior or current service member and or first-responder please click HERE https://ni.usembassy.gov/ for specific information regarding government information such as the US Embassy.  

  • Cell phone services will be converted into international roaming. It is suggested to use social media such as "Facebook or Instagram to contact family members back home to avoid international calls. 

  • You will be provide contact information, should anyone need to contact you for emergencies. 


  • You will have exclusive access to the personal house of AJ Fernandez's 14 bedroom compound. Expect to be treated like royalty with professional services provided by top-notch house keeping, authentic cuisine made by traditional chefs. 

  • Each room is equipped with King sized beds, showers, TV, and A.C. 

  • Each day breakfast, lunch, & dinner, will be served with a cigar and more cigars!

  • Amenities include a pool, rec room, billiards table, and cigars 24 hours for your enjoyment 24 hours. 

  • The compound will be monitored 24 ours by armed security. 


  • When you land in Managua, Nicaragua you will need to pay a $10 entry travel fee into the country. You will also need to have your I.D. and Passport on hand.

  • After you receive your baggage the AJ Fernandez team and TK will be there waiting for you outside with cigars in hand to officially welcome you to Nicaragua. 

  • The drive to Esteli is 3 hours through the beautiful mountains of Nicaragua. During the drive you will be briefed on your stay and activities. 


  • The tour is a total of 3 1/2 days long. 

  • Each day is filled with hands-on information starting off with the tobacco field experience. The tour continues with cigar rollers, curing barns, understanding how cigars are blended and the extensive process of 'Seed to Cigar"

  • During your experience you will roll cigars and create your own blend from expert master blenders in the cigar industry. 

  • And some extra surprises in-store to make your experience unforgettable.